Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Susie Beame's Invite...

Front of Invite Prototype...

Back of Invite Prototype....


  1. Looks really good Susie! I love the idea of the vending machine, especially with the retro theme.

  2. totally love it susie. front really showcases everyones work so well. back looks more like a retro telly than the vending machine. i think its because of the radial grey gradient. i prefer the cream yellow on the front. order of names is random? maybe either alphabetically or relating to order on the front maybe better. what about using the same layout on back as front. put graphic design diploma down side and leave [ush my buttons at bottom even try to squeeze kd logo into button space at side?? so you survived india i hope you had a great time. love to hear about your adventures

  3. Thanx Stacy for yr feedback, yes I wasn't happy with the back. I will try to fine tune the back with your helpful hints!