Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Robyn Rand's Invitation

The ideas I had for the exhibition invitation are above, the robot is something we can identify with, being personalised by having a face and a personality, a little like us. Being graphic design diploma students there are occasions that we work a little like robots and certainly feel that way when we leave class. The colour pallet chosen is a sort-of retro pallet, in the 40's apparently there was a lot of tin toys which were coloured in the orange and green - they are also fresh and inspirational colours. The blue type on the back of the postcard is to represent pen or biro. The wording on the back of the postcard is in a casual fashion to make the reader feel like they are receiving a letter from a friend.
On a website the robot will be flexible enough to be able to do many things as well as be animated or have it's own noises and sounds. Each persons button on the robot can be active and lead to that persons work samples and links. Below is a rough idea for a possible poster - if it were to be in landscape the work samples could be rearranged slightly and the robot stood to the side.

I'm not sure what happened to the logos on the first poster, they seem to of disappeared when I flattened it, but it was the wrong format anyway, so I redid it, with the robots mouth a bit wider, I put a stroke around the words to make them look a bit more neon/electric but I think I might get rid of it.

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  1. friendly and fun approach is great. front robot teeth could be scaled up but hope that doesn't make him look like he is growling but give more attention to title. love the colour palette and background. maybe the buttons could be square with rounded edges and occupy the whole robot body space.this would make cameos of everyone's work larger and have more integrity. poster like individual work croppings but needs kd logo perhaps as if robot is saying. push my buttons needs to be larger. thankyou for posting your work